Web Design

Howling Dog Farms

Howling Dog Farms is an I-502 cannabis farm, located in Okanogan County.

Their website focuses on establishing their brand – an all-natural, rustic source of high-quality cannabis products. The site also presents the wide array of cannabis strains that they offer, presented in an approachable, attractive, and easily understood format.


49° North Artists

49° North Artists is a not-for-profit arts organization, that serves Okanogan County.

Their website communicates the mission of the organization, as well as detailing individual products. It also prominently features an online store, where affiliated artists sell their work in an easy, seamless e-commerce experience.


Angela Marie Cross

Angela Marie Cross is a singer-songwriter and professional sound designer, engaged globally from her Okanogan County home.

Her website focuses on multimedia exposure, with both audio and video options. It also actively connects with new fans with an email-capture engagement funnel.


Oroville Farmers’ Market

Oroville Farmers’ Market is the century-old weekly farmers’ market, located in Oroville, WA.

The website focuses on communicating necessary information for visitors, in an accessible and clear format. It also includes vendor profiles, as well as an interactive events calendar.